Best Office Chair Under 300 in 2021[Buying Guide & Reviews]


People who work in offices should get the best office chair under 300 that remains important for their body health. Having a new chair that is both comfortable and affordable can improve your productivity and make sure you work with higher morale and a better mood.

9 Best Office Chair For Under 300 – Our List :

When being out to select the best computer chair, you should always be aware of the following features that are important to know:

Adjustable height

This feature is one of the crucial ones you need to check to be on the successful side. People should only choose the height that makes them look at their desktop screen comfortably without any obstruction. 

That is why pressing a lever that easily adjusts height using hydraulic pressure is the industry standard for the best office chair under 300.


If you want to be productive, you need to have an office chair to handle your weight. That is why most office chairs have an allowance of up to 400 pounds, which is the maximum bodyweight they can handle. 

On the other hand, it would be plausible to buy office chairs online to weigh less since they could be more movable across your workplace.


Every office chair needs to have the best quality materials. That applies not only to the mesh but also to the body materials. Most of them are made from high-quality stainless steel and plastic parts that will always be durable to bodyweight pressure. 

Remember that only the best office chair under 300 can give you a reliable material behavior to any extreme conditions you may place it.

Number of Wheels

The number of wheels is another thing to consider about the most comfortable desk chair you are about to buy online. The least number of six wheels is what you should be looking for in the basic models.

However, the best office chair under 300 could also have eight wheels to ensure a full stability profile and give you the best traveling behavior when moving back and forth in the office.


Not all office chairs have armrests. Only the latest sophisticated models have armrests that can give you the chance to relax your arms after a busy day or make it easier to attend professional meetings without showing tired on camera.


Footrests are important parts of the best office chair under 300 since they can affect your back pain issues in a good way. The footrest can give your feet stable positioning and relieve the pressure that otherwise your lumbar area would accept. 

That is why the integrated footrest for office chairs would be the best accessory to have when looking for a new model.


Quality office chairs always have a headrest as an accessory. That could move upwards and find the exact head height to give you a more relaxed way to sit when you attend presentations. 

Your head can need some support when you change places using your chair, and that is exactly what you should be looking for when buying a new one.

Anatomically Correct

Finally, the anatomically correct office chairs are hard to find since they have a skeleton that follows the human spinal cord’s anatomy

Check the US accreditation for such office chairs, and then you can be sure about the support this chair may offer to your chest and lumbar area, which are the ones getting the most adverse powers when sitting on your office chair.

Tips When you Want to Buy Office Chair under 300

Here are some useful tips any potential buyer of the best office chair under 300 should be aware of before the purchase:

Choose breathable materials and padding

The breathable materials have to do with the particular fabric or leather the office chair is made of. These should be light and have the least friction to your body when you sit on the chair. 

For that reason, your office chair should be made with highly breathable materials that could let your skin breathe and never allow you to sweat when sitting.

Get the chair with easily operable adjustment controls

Controls are important to be handy and close to the bottom part of the chair. There you can easily press the levers and have the chair adjust its height or give you extra armrest or footrest features available in certain models. 

Select the office chair with a reliable reclining mechanism

The reclining mechanism has been the most influential part for the best office chair under 300. All the latest models include such mechanisms to their features. 

That consists of a lever that you may press and make the chair recline up to 40 degrees backward, giving you the chance to rest for a while. The mechanism needs to be solid and protect you from accidental impacts and falls.

Reviews of Top and Best Office Chair Under 300

The model has been the best office chair under 300 that Amazon sells to its customers. 

It is lightweight and easy to have a 225 pounds person sitting on it without any issues. The breathable mesh is always there to allow you to sit for long-hour shifts without getting sweaty. 

It is made from quality plastic and metal materials that are durable enough to stay active for many years. 

It’s an ideal gift for children who need to have a chair for their first student desks. 

The six wheels package is more than enough to support your body weight and allow the chair to scroll across the room with ease. 

It also has a BIFMA certification for safety that is one of the strictest organizations for customer’s health and safety in North America. 

The adjustable height can easily get controlled by a lever on the bottom. 

Since you are getting it in parts, you can easily assemble it using the enclosed informative manual.

Our Rating

What We Like

  • Weighs less than 20 pounds
  • The back part may support your weight
  • It has the best adjustable height features in its class
  • You get 360 degrees of mobility


  • There is no reclining mechanism

With Amazon, the best office chair under 300 has been a legend! 

The current model is promoted for professional use and can stand a maximum user weight of more than 250 pounds

For that reason, it has a strong support mechanism both at the bottom and the back part to ensure safety and comfort. 

Its size is medium and can be ideal for children and adults who want to have it in their workplaces. The chair runs on six wheels, being solid and ready for action when you need it.

It is made from plastic and stainless steel that will stay rust and corrosion-free for many years to come. 

The pneumatic seat adjustment operates through a special lever at the bottom, making things more complete when you want to find your optimal height in proportion to the screen. 

The mesh is breathable and soft enough to support any user staying there for a long time.

Our Rating

What We Like

  • It has firm padding to allow better use
  • Gives users all-day comfort
  • Users may also benefit from the reclining mechanism
  • The wheels may easily get replaced


  • There is no limited guarantee scheme for this chair

Here you have an exceptional chair on wheels, ideal for office and home use. 

The NEO CHAIR company has managed to provide the audience with high-end materials that will stay durable and useable for a long time

The present model is made from stainless steel and plastic parts that are not sensitive to heat and bodyweight pressure. 

Its actual weight is less than 22 pounds and can withstand a user’s weight up to 300 pounds, a record number for its category.

The chair also features armrests to place your hands when relaxing and a height adjustment mechanism operating with hydraulic pressure to find the right height for your case. 

It operates on six wheels that are easy to replace whenever you feel they are compromised from impacts with other furniture or the floor. 

The mesh is comfortable and luxurious to give you an essence of importance when sitting in your office chair. 

Our Rating

What We Like

  • It follows all the anatomic structures of your back
  • You get the best-in-class low-budget chair!
  • It features an elastic molded sponge to support your weight
  • Users get the advantage of a spacious seat


  • It doesn’t have any color variety

Amazon has finally initiated the office chairs with a polyurethane bonded leather that looks like the actual one but has tremendous durability. 

This model is one of the best-sellers that you will find online, featuring only 22 pounds of actual weight and giving you exact manual directions on how to assemble it alone at home. 

Every user that weighs up to 275 pounds can sit in this chair safely and securely. The black armrests are always there to make you relax during breaks. 

The pneumatic height adjustment has passed in its new generation to allow you to choose the precise height according to your office requirements. 

It operates on six durable wheels that you may replace yourself at any time. There is also a long lever to control all the adjustments that all users can easily reach the chair’s bottom. 

The reclining mechanism is also strong and solid, giving you more freedom to press it when necessary.

Our Rating

What We Like

  • Made from bonded leather for greater durability
  • All the adjustable features are handy
  • The rolling caster wheels are great to support you
  • It comes in many basic colors for you to choose


  • The mesh is less breathable than in other models

Home Office has been offering quality furniture for all users who want to equip their offices or homerooms. 

This particular model is made from aluminum and plastic polyurethane parts durable to moisture, temperature, and impacts. 

It only has five wheels to ensure greater stability and a higher elevation of your body than the desk you are sitting at. 

The mesh is breathable and solid enough to protect you from sweating when sitting for a full-time shift.

The side armrests are always there to give you a place to rest your arms during work-intervals and presentations. 

The lever to adjust the height is conveniently placed underneath the seat to give you direct access to all features. 

Since it comes in parts from the factory, it will only take you 15 minutes to assemble it using guidance from the informative manual. 

You may also use it to move around the office and enjoy 360 degrees of oscillation to help you do all your daily chores and interactions.

Our Rating

What We Like

  • Durable mesh
  • It has received a BAFTA accreditation for safety
  • The middle back design may support your back
  • There is a tension control wheel to adjust the sitting feeling


  • Wheels are not easily replaced

Neo Chair has been giving the pulse to the emerging rotational office chair market. 

The present model is made from faux leather that is the most luxurious low-budget mesh you may possibly find. 

It has a perfect white lining and details to allow you to decorate your office or room when the chair is present. 

It weighs less than 25 pounds and can withstand a user’s weight of up to 300 pounds, being the highest in its category.

The chair is made from stainless steel and plastic materials that give you the safety and security you want when using it. 

You may rotate on five durable wheels that are all easily replaced in case of an accident. 

The height adjustment mechanism lies on the chair’s bottom, and you can easily access it through a comfortable lever.

Our Rating

What We Like

  • You get 130 degrees to tilt reclining
  • The metal base and nylon wheels offer extra stability
  • The premium PU leather makes it more comfortable to sit
  • It has one of the most advanced hydraulic mechanisms


  • It cannot ship worldwide

Here you have an affordable office chair that gathers all the characteristics you would love it to have. 

The present model is made from high-quality plastic and metal parts BAFTA accredited for increased safety and comfort. 

A breathable mesh is made from fabric that allows airflow to penetrate inside and bring moisture away from your clothes when sitting. 

It has one of the most impressive hydraulic mechanisms to give you more chances to adjust your height at the right level than your screen and desktop.

The seat size is one of the largest in its category.

It can handle persons up to 300 pounds of body weight, giving you the chance to share the chair comfortably and securely with all your potential visitors. 

The five wheels operation is always secure and offers you greater stability at all times.

Our Rating

What We Like

  • It has a better ergonomy than others
  • You get a lifetime warranty for all moving parts
  • All the various parts are easy to assemble using the manual
  • There is a flip-up armrest to relax when possible


  • The reclining mechanism has a lower degree oscillation

Flash Furniture has managed to present the world’s audience with a comfortable office chair that is well below 300 and can give you ultimate comfort and safety at home or office. 

The current model can accommodate a user with a 300-pound maximum bodyweight, one of the best in the same category. 

This model also offers a fully-ergonomic back that will make you forget about back pain issues when working at the office. 

The height adjustment operates with an advanced hydraulic mechanism controlled through an easy-to-grab level at the seat’s bottom.

Two flip-up armrests offer you a great chance to relax during breaks. The tilt reclining mechanism is also safe to operate and offers you angles up to 130 degrees for your ease and comfort. 

The mesh is quite comfortable made from spongy material to absorb pressures and allow maximum airflow for your ease.

Our Rating

What We Like

  • There is an integrated footrest for your comfort
  • The wheels base has a BAFTA accreditation for safety
  • Users have access to a tilt tension adjustment knob
  • Lumbar area support is monumental


  • There is no headrest integrated into the back

Finally, we have seen one of the most professional low-budget office chairs people can have access to. 

This ergonomic chair is made from stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic parts that make it more durable and rust-resistant than any other office furniture. 

This model is made from PU leather, one of the industry’s best materials for a breathable mesh. The reclining mechanism is easy to adjust and reached the bottom of the seat. 

You may safely sit on the office chair even if you exceed 250 pounds that is more than the class average for such furniture.

The hydraulic mechanism is more stable and easy to adjust even when you control it single-handed. 

There are two side armrests to give you extra comfort when taking a break or follow online presentations. 

The wheelbase is solid enough and can offer you greater stability control when moving around the office. 

Also, the wheels can get easily replaced in case of an accident.

Our Rating

What We Like

  • There is a thickly padded headrest for your comfort
  • Cushion remains soft and supportive
  • You get a 360 degrees swivel mechanism to move anywhere
  • A 3-inch height adjustment makes things more visible to users


  • You only have a limited color variety to choose from